Technology introduction

Bottom technology stack

Security Script System

For the underlying call and data asset related operations, Wisdom Chain provides a set of call libraries for external programs to implement. In the design of the entire script instruction, the limited programming ability is maintained. For Wisdom Chain, the function scenario is specific, so the function of the script instruction is specific.

Application Development Template

The Wisdom Chain supports the development of business applications through script programs and is deployed on the chain. The development based on the chain is quite different from the traditional server-oriented development. At the same time, the development process will call open APIs. In order to facilitate the development of applications by technicians and reduce the deployment threshold, more community members can participate in the application development on Wisdom Chain and the application support in the main chain. In the holding module, standard application template support will be provided.

Dynamic Consensus

Building dynamic consensus is an important mechanism for Wisdom Chain to maintain community equity. For the public oriented data asset service system, the establishment of the core mechanism of the system will be fully delivered to the community.

Multi Chain

In the ecological design, Wisdom Chain will support the multi-level business function system from the definition of asset certificate to the application of asset data. The whole network system will support in the form of multi chain according to the division of business functions, providing state channels to separate different business chains. Each business chain will run specific applications, and the business chain and the main chain will remain anchored, and will be connected with the main chain. The chain runs on the same node.

Block algorithm

The verifiable signature aggregation algorithm based on bilinear pairing can effectively reduce the block size.

identity authentication

Considering the regulatory needs and user privacy, a multi factor decentralized identity authentication system is established to create a digital identity ecosystem under regulatory conditions.

data sharing

Structured data storage and data security inspection, data right confirmation and traceability, data privacy protection and multiple authorization methods, and secure data flow and right confirmation verification mechanism.

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